Accounting Tips for
New Zealand
Content Creators

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Free accounting guide for NZ content creators

Why does it matter?

Building a platform takes hours of work, from thinking about a video
idea, buying props, shooting, editing, and deciding on the perfect tile to
get the clicks…

..it’s hard work and now it is starting to pay off, you have a following, and
multiple revenue streams.
But you have never thought about taxes, and no one has provided you
with any guidance before.

You may already have an accountant that your parents recommended to
you, however they do not understand what a content creator is, and you
don’t want to spend time trying to explain it to them, nor do you want to
pay them to try and understand.
Things can really go from zero, to income that is increasing with every
video and post that you upload.
But did you realise you are now at risk of unintentionally violating tax
regulations! You should be declaring your income to the Inland Revenue
Department (IRD) and there may be other taxes you need to be
collecting and filing for too, like GST.
Fear not! By downloading this guide, you now have an opportunity to take action.

This guide will give you some tips on accounting and taxation for
content creators. Additionally, if you’re interested in discussing how we
can manage burden of your accounts and taxes, allowing you to retain
more of your earnings and concentrate on growing your following, feel
free to click the link at the end to schedule a call!


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