Earning money from online platforms

Earning money from online platforms can be an exciting journey. It starts out as some fun videos, you build a following, and you realise that you can make some money from this.

Each platform has different factors to start earning money, and this can be helpful to understand if you are wanting to make money,

Youtube –  Youtube has a partner program, you can start receiving funds on your video views once you have 1000 subscribers + 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months or 10M short view.  You can also do ad reads with in your videos that companies will pay you for.

Instagram –  Instagram has no partner programs, however you may be able to work with businesses who will pay you to post their material.

Onlyfans and Fansly – Both of these platforms work from a subscription or pay for view money, this means you will make income from users paying directly for your content.

TikTok – Tiktok has a creator fund, however this is unfortunately not available to us in New Zealand. However like other platforms, you can work with companies to do posts or ad reads for money.

Patreon – Pateron is a subscription-based platform, where users pay for monthly access or payment per video.

Twitch – Twitch has a partner program, once on this, you can accept subscriptions, views can buy bits, and show ads on your channel.

Remember you can be across more than one platform or use less fruitful platforms to drive traffic to the platforms that make you money

For more tips for on content creation please see our guide or get in touch today!

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