Tips for keeping track of business expenses

It’s remarkable how the little things accumulate: popping into the shops for some stationary or rushing out of a taxi at the airport to catch an early flight for a crucial business meeting. These are the details that often slip our minds as we focus on the big picture.

Regardless of size, these are all business expenses, and they’re tax-deductible. Make sure to keep records for your business income tax return. As a small business owner, it’s essential to grasp the full scope of your business expenses, both significant and minor, enabling you to monitor costs against your business income effectively.

Some basics

• Keep all receipts and record business expenses accurately

• Maintain a separate business account and/or a business credit card — don’t risk losing track of expenses amongst your private purchases

• Have clear policies for business cards and state what they’re for eg where the cards should be located, personal expenses, change of authorities/pins and what the limits are)

• If you have a team, ensure your team understands all business expenses need to be accounted for, what records they need to keep and who to give them to

• Don’t give sole oversight over expenses to one person. Have another person check expenses against bank transaction reports. Review the records with your other management reports

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