What can an accountant help me with?

We there are many elements than an accountant will help with your business. Its not just filing an annual tax return,

Ensuring you are covering all your tax obligations

You may have more than just income tax to file with the IRD. Most businesses need to consider GST, some will need to think about PAYE, FBT, withholding tax and provisional tax payments.

We will ensure you deduct all possible costs for you and your business

No one wants to pay more taxes than they need, and that is where we come in, we will help ensure that you claim all deductions related to your business

We can educate you

We want our clients to understand all aspects of their business, this includes ensuring you understand your finances and how to maintain good bookkeeping practices.

We can keep you accountable

Trying to get your business to the next set of goals? we understand your business and can help you set meaningful goals and then help track you to these goals. Having someone external from your business keeping you accountable is a real motivator to hit those goals that you have put in place.

Annual tax returns

and of course we complete your annual tax returns for filing with the IRD – this is a key step in every business that we will help you with and take the stress away from you.

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