Why invest in an Accountant

Why should you invest in an accountant’s services? It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of expenses when starting a business, but hiring an accountant offers numerous benefits:

Maximise your deductions and minimise tax liability.

  • Many business owners doing their own returns miss deductions that can help reduce their tax bills. Engaging with an Accountant will help ensure you have included all possible deductions. You can also deduct the cost of an Accountant in your tax return.

Assurance of correct setup from day one.

  • Many business owners setting up accounting systems themselves do so incorrectly, this can cause more time and pain to fix, why not have this correct from the start.

Dealing with IRD matters on your behalf, freeing up your time.

  • Navigating the IRD website and possible correspondence with the IRD can be confusing and stressful. Save yourself time by letting us deal with this for you.

Expert advice and guidance.

  • We have many years’ experiences with small businesses and are more than happy to share our advice with you. We partner with you and want to see you grow.

Ongoing support and advice as your business expands and requires different tax registrations.

  • There are many taxes to be aware of, and as registration come up, we can help you make these and prepare the required return. Done get caught out missing a return.

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