Zest vs Automation Tools

Why use an Zest Accountant vs a website-based tool?

New products entering the market that offer a fee based on your % of income may seem easy and cheap at first, but they are not all that meets the eye.

The problem with these tools is they have massive client bases; this means you are just a number to them, and they do not want to give you the time to personally answer your questions. What do I mean by this, well you will be talking to a chat bot, then if you are lucky enough to get a human, they will either send you a link to an article or every time you want to talk to someone you will be talking to a different person. I know when I have a difficult question this can be frustrating.

With Zest, you will only be dealing with one of two people. If you have a question, we can personally answer this for you and with our small client base, specialising in Digital Entrepreneurs, you can rest a sure that cater any answers to your needs.

The onus is on you to you to work out what you can deduct with these website-based tools, how to deduct it and wondering if you left anything out that could have reduced your tax bill. Also, with the monthly requirement these tools have, you can be in situations where if you missed out on a cost, they will not allow you to edit the prior month’s filings.

There can also be issues around how it projects your tax payments, as this is based off your monthly earnings, if you have a large one off, this will throw everything off, and you will be paying more in tax until the system can correct this or until you finally get a refund.

With Zest, we will advise you on what you can deduct and answer any questions on things that you are not sure about. We will be filing your tax returns annually, which will smooth out any monthly bumps or dips, ensuring you pay the correct amount at year end.